Having a great playlist is essential when you're exercising hard. Whether you're power walking or jogging, BOSS Running will play songs that are best-suited for your workout.

  • BOSS Running will speed up or slow down the tempo of your music to help you match pace
  • Improve performance while working out
  • Feel happier and more satisfied when exercising
  • Expand your playlist with our great collection of value-priced music, all with a great beat!

Music moves you, and listening to great music is one way to stay motivated while you exercise.

BOSS Music: V1

With genres ranging from pop to chiptune, from industrial acid to singer-songwriter, BOSS Music: V1 has something for everyone.

Available for download as an in-app purchase - 67% off!

BOSS Music: Behave

Born out of love from Sweden, Processor's Behave is a fantastic dance electronica with a great beat.

BOSS Music: Behave is included as a free bonus album for those who purchase BOSS Music: V1.