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Does music actually move you?
Scientific studies say yes.

To put it simply, listening to music while working out has proven to:

  • Improve performance,
  • Increase motivation,
  • Make exercise more fun and enjoyable,
  • Reduce the negative effects of fatigue,
  • and act as a metronome to help us keep pace.
BOSS Running takes this to research to heart - you can listen to your favorite music and have it be perfectly suited for your workout. Your slow songs are no longer limited to just walking, and your fast songs are no longer regulated to just sprinting. With BOSS Running, you can listen to your music in brand-new and fun ways, all while bettering your health.

Is BOSS Running actually free?

Unlike other apps, websites, and services, BOSS Running does not require you to register or create an account to use the app. In addition, there are no obnoxious or distacting advertisements.

If you would like to expand the repertoire of workouts available in BOSS Running, you can do so via a one-time in-app purchase. This purchase is completely optional, and even without it, BOSS Running's basic set of workouts rivals and puts to shame its paid competitors